About IEMS

An Integrated Business Event

The International Electric Mobility Showcase features top EV enterprises, exhibiting latest EV models, next-gen electrification technologies, innovative products & solutions to an eager audience.

The showcase will provide an excellent opportunity for EV enthusiasts to see everything the EV industry has to offer, including e-bikes, cars, buses, trucks, scooters, vans, residential & commercial EV charging systems, disruptive ideas and innovative technologies.

Why International Electric Mobility Showcase

Business-focused and industry-wide
Business, contacts and information platform for all party and professionals involved in electric mobility and infrastructure industry.

Visionary and Sustainable
Real solutions and forward-looking ideas for tackling the global climate change and challenges.

Compelling and Concentrated
Outstanding exhibition for electric mobility enthusiasts, industries and policymakers to showcase not just products, but ideas and vision through conferences and talks

International & Local
A gathering platform that attracts EV market players locally and Internationally.

The Components

Business Matching

Matching the right buyers to the right sellers in the industry

Pocket Talks

Gain insights and learn from industry leaders

Demo Areas

Hands-on demo and test drive new vehicles

Networking Sessions

Great avenues for meeting new people or connecting and reconnecting with industry captains

New Product Launches

Explore and discover new innovations